Radiant Barrier
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Radiant Barrier
Step 1: Radiant Barrier

Radiant energy, one of the three primary sources of heat, travels in waves much like radio or micro waves. Radiant energy has no temperature. Once radiant energy hits an object in its path, the energy is converted to heat. The sun's rays are an example of radiant energy.

Radiant barrier is a high tech concept that until recently was reserved for industrial uses as a way to control radiant energy transfer and temperature gain or loss. Foil laminated roof decking was introduced several years ago as an energy saving product installed during a new home's construction. Until recently, the cost associated with installing these type of products in existing homes prohibited many homeowners from reaping the benefits of radiant barrier technology. Today, Attic Comfort offers a versatile, easy-to-apply and cost effective radiant barrier that can be applied to existing homes or during construction.

Benefits of Radiance e-0.25 AB-C Radiant Barrier Spray

Attic Comfort proudly integrates Radiance e-0.25 AB-C radiant barrier spray into our Comfortable Attic Program. Radiance e-0.25 AB-C applied to the underside of your roof's deck inside your attic will

  • create an effective radiant barrier that will stop 77% of the potential radiant energy transfer into your attic;
  • lower your annual cooling and heating costs at least 12% with this product alone;
  • create a more comfortable environment in your home and attic;
  • increase the value of your home;
  • pay for itself after an average of 2-4 years of energy savings; and
  • help conserve our nation's limited energy supply.

Free, No-Obligation, In-Home Consultation

Attic Comfort wants to make it as easy as possible for you to learn more about the benefits of our Comfortable Attic Program. Contact us to schedule a free, no obligation, in-home consultation. An Attic Comfort energy savings specialist will complete a thorough analysis of your home's attic and recommend a customized Comfortable Attic Program tailored to your needs. Don't delay ... Contact us today! There's no better time than now to maximize your home's energy efficiency and begin reducing your energy costs for years to come.

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