Radiant Barrier
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Energy Information

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the energy required to cool and heat a home accounts for more than half of the home's annual energy consumption. Attic Comfort specializes in state-of-the-art Energy Saving Technologies designed to save you as much as 30% or more on your annual cooling and heating costs.

An Energy Efficient Home Begins with An Energy Efficient Attic
Until recently, most energy saving components installed in attics were designed to combat the effects of a hot attic rather than prevent the attic from getting hot in the first place. The Comfortable Attic Program by Attic Comfort integrates three proven technologies to minimize the temperature of your attic in the summertime and reduce heat loss and prevent the damaging effects of moisture buildup during colder months. As a result, less heat will enter your home's living space and your HVAC system, ductwork, and insulation will work more efficiently, thus reducing your home's energy consumption and costs.

The Comfortable Attic Program will

  • lower your annual cooling and heating costs by as much as 30%;
  • create a more comfortable environment in your home and attic;
  • increase the value of your home;
  • make you eligible for money-saving IRS tax credits*;
  • pay for itself after an average of 2-4 years of energy savings; and
  • help conserve our nation's limited energy supply.

Lower Energy Bills ... Easy as 1-2-3

The physics of heat transfer tells us that heat travels primarily by one of three ways - radiation, conduction and convection. The Comfortable Attic Program integrates an easy three step solution that addresses each of these to make your attic and home more energy efficient.

Step 1: Radiant Barrier

Step 2: Additional Insulation

Step 3: Ventilation

Free, No-Obligation, In-Home Consultation

Attic Comfort wants to make it as easy as possible for you to learn more about the benefits of our Comfortable Attic Program. Contact us to schedule a free, no obligation, in-home consultation. An Attic Comfort energy savings specialist will complete a thorough analysis of your home's attic and recommend a customized Comfortable Attic Program tailored to your needs. Don't delay ... Contact us today! There's no better time than now to maximize your home's energy efficiency and begin reducing your energy costs for years to come.

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